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Pricing Plans

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Basic plan

Half Hour

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  • $97/half hour
  • Minimum 10 Minute Use Per Session
  • Good For Up To 1 Year To Use
  • Use It All At Once Or In Increments
  • All prices in US Dollars (usd)

Sportsman plan


Per Session

  • $157/hour
  • Minimum 10 Minute Use Per Session
  • Good For Up To 1 Year To Use
  • Use It All At Once Or In Increments
  • All prices in US Dollars (usd)

Professional plan


Per session

  • Custom Designed Plan/
    5 +/hrs
  • Built Especially For You
  • Minimum 10 Minute Use Per Session
  • Good For Up To 1 Year To Use
  • All prices in US Dollars (usd)

Customized coaching to

achieve your goals

Who Determines Your Success Or Failure?
Your Answer Will Determine Your Outcome.

Hi, my name is Cary Huff.  The good looking bald headed guy with the glasses hanging out with my beautiful family.
We are living our dream here on the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia.
Who Am I?

I started my first business when I was 8 years old. I lived in Wilmington Delaware, and there was a lot of new housing construction going up around us. I would go to the sites (can’t do that today), with my Red Radio Flyer Wagon with wooden sides on it, and I would ask the workers what they wanted for lunch. They wrote their orders down, gave me the money, and I went down to the local Deli store to get their lunch. When I came back, they got their lunches, and I got to keep the change!
I’ve shovelled snow, raked leaves, picked up (literally) tons of newspapers so I could recycle them to make money, and to help the environment.
While I was in college, I would rent a house, and charged the other students (roommates) higher rent so I could live there rent free. I thought if I could do this with one house, wouldn’t renting more houses be better? I ended up renting 3 more houses, and started to have a monthly income.
I wondered what other ways there were to make more money while I was a student because I had to pay my own way in college. I used to go to the pawnshops in Washington D.C. when they would auction pawned things off every month. I would buy all of the 35mm cameras that used film that you needed to get developed (remember that), and I would advertise in the college newspaper: ‘Why Buy  A 35mm Camera When You Can Rent it’. So I got into the camera renting business. Another way for me to make money in college was to buy, fix, and sell cars. That gave me the bug to get into the car business which I did for 30 years and absolutely loved it.
You learn so much from people as to why they do what they do or don’t do.
The bottom line is I look for ways to solve peoples challenges so that it is beneficial in just about any area of their lives.
My creativity knows no bounds, which is my outlook on life as well as the way I approach any challenge my client(s) may face – I know I’ll find a solution.
If you hadn’t noticed, I don’t do things the way most do them… I get results though.
Isn’t that what you’re after?

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